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crowd outside. so-called pro-russians clashing with so-called pro-kiev or pro-unity demonstrators. despite government accusations of direct foreign involvement most are fellow citizens on opposite warring sides. >> translation: stop killing our people, please, stop killing our people. >> the police, many say, did nothing to stop or prevent the violence. >> reporter: what happened here on friday night was the single most deadly incident since the killing of protesters on kiev's independence square in february. opposing sides in ukraine are forming and the divide between them is growing. >> on the square i met a lawyer from odessa who fears his country is falling apart. >> i'm terribly upset and angry at what happened yesterday. i can't explain. it was just - it was just murdering the crowd of people. people died because they feared the other opinion that others have. >> in a hospital where the injured lay i met an 18-year-old student who still believes in the future. >> translation: we are all people, we want to live well to create continues in ukraine so it's good for everyone. >>
especially the hat firmly if i get themselves with authorities in kiev and everyone in the rain poured over the governing new york lot of gifts received their construction. the biggest concern is that we've seen as the russian propaganda that has been. of blasted out non stop. suggesting somehow that the ukrainian government is responsible for the province in eastern ukraine. the crane government has shown remarkable restraint throughout this process. when obama spoke early active meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and basically just missed the whole content. i get to hear the author didn't buy much i can put the responsibility for the escalation on moscow. oh well that obama also called for support. the kids cracked from the protesting the east of ukraine. the call that a move to restore order. but still fresh because the anti government activists continued the town throats of the day in eastern ukraine the hotspots is a tip from a toast which is one of the focal point a cause for an anti kiev sentiment the like the port city of it was to get control of most of the city with aunt
-called pro-kiev or pro-unity demonstrators despite government accusations of direct foreign involvement, most are fellow citizens on opposite warring sides. >> stop killing our people. police, stop killing our people. >> the police, many say, did nothing to stop or present the violence. >> what happened here on friday night was the single most deadly incident since the killing of protesters on independence square in late february. opposing sides in ukraine are forming more clearly now with every passing day and the divide between them is growing. >> on the square, i met a lawyer from odessa who feels his country is falling apart. >> i am terribly upset. i am very angry at what happened yesterday. i can't explain. it was just murdering the crowd of peoples, people died only because they had the other opinion than other people have in kiev. >> in one of the hospitals, i met an 18-year-old student who still believes in the future. . >> we are all people. we all want to live well, to create conditions in ukraine. so, it's good for everyone. . >> for many, that hope is fading as deadly violence an
that their hero is a cuban from canada. that one was poignant. in kiev president is tonight. he thought this event was being held at the dulles airport applebee's. to a construction cone that he thinks is john boehner. [laughter] also true. [laughter] it is crazy to think that joe biden is only one heartbeat away from someone -- no one taking him seriously as president. [laughter] biden will likely be running for president in 2016. there is no obvious reason not to." [laughter] it is there, isn't it? i'm going to finish that thing. just bring me my hoagie. no, not that one. the fancy one. here late clinton has a lot going for her. she is a natural leader. as our first female president, we could pay her 30% less. [laughter] that is a savings this country could use. who is with me? chelsea --oddle daughter chelsea is pregnant. we will have a sequel to "bad grandpa." question,ises the when a baby is born you give bill clinton a cigar? [laughter] you guys sound like you're on a roller coaster right now. they are all vowing to see who will win over the gop base. jeb bush says he is speaking about runni
this campaign is about is one of intimidation, trying to force the kiev government to give them much needed concessions that they want. don't integrate with the european union and certainly not nato and also provide autonomy overt russian-speaking provinces in eastern and southern ukraine. that's what this intimidation campaign is about. >> so i want to be clear, did you say that at this juncture, it is okay to provide lethal weapons and also let me ask you as well, what about maybe just the u.s. training ukrainian forces? >> i think -- i didn't answer your question, i apologize for that. >> eye always get back to it. i'll always get back to it. >> good for you. the fact of the matter is that we should arm therm with lethal weapons. i think it's a disgrace that their president came here and went home empty handed and i believe we should bring trainers in with them. this feeling that we can never put boots on the ground is a terrible way to execute foreign policy and national security interests. we can put trainers in there and help them gain the skill sets they have. in and of itself it wou
for an independent investigation into the deaths of more than 40 people in odessa yesterday. kiev blaming russian supporters from moldova on its western border. paul brennan reports. >> the burning cars and day bre were evidence of what looked like a day of heavy fighting between ukrainian soldiers and pro-russia separatists. vehicles and tires had become makeshift barricades set alight to try to keep the government troops at bay. >> there were a lot of victims from both sides, from the civilians and fighters. people were going to work were going to injured. there were a lot of injured and a lot of dead. they were shooting from the tanks at buildings for about half an hour. >> a stockpile of petro bombs was on hand to throw at any soles that kale fear. it didn't stop the advance of armored vehicles, nor did the chants of residents. checkpoints are controlling traffic in and out. not all traffic has been halted. after eight days in captivity, a convoy carrying a team of osce observers did make it through. on a roadside north of donetsk, they embraced freedom with an overpowering sense of relief. a
much on the ground in terms of kiev re-asserting its control. >> matthew, in moscow, what, if anything, is being sent from the russian said by the government? >> a deal of condemnation. president putin, the russian president, has extended his condolences to the families of the victims of those who burned to death in odessa. also the kremlin spokesman has been saying moscow received thousands of messages and requests from southern, from people requesting significance. russia says it needs russian language speakers all across ukraine if it feels tear interests are threatened. of course, russia has this is a risk of the ukrainian military. russia has tens of thousands of troops positioned in key areas on the other side of the border in western russia. at any moment, should they give them the moment to invade, they could do that. at the moment no such order has been given. the kremlin is saying they don't know what to do. they're trying to assess what their next move will be. there has been a conversation between john kerry and his counterparts here. he is calling on secretary of state ker
to what was going on. the government in kiev has done what it can under those circumstances to put forward a pro-active face with the deputy prime minister in charge of law enforcement to odessa. he promptly set the police chief and announced a commit would be set out to find out what had happened. the government said it had evidence some of those involved from nearby transmistriy, and some of from a moldova, none of which is in any comfort to any of those involved. >> after the appalling events of friday night in odessa, a peaceful march became a riot and then an inferno, prayers were held outside the trades union building in which dozens burned or suffocated to death. many have jumped to escape the smoke and flames. some to their deaths. others perished inside as they traded gunfire and molatov cocktails. so-called proceed russians meshing with pro-kiev demonstrators despite government accusations of direct foreign involvement, most are fellow citizens now on opposite warring sides. >> stop killing our people, please, stop killing our people. >> the police, many say, did nothing to stop
of that country. the results of the fighting could be seen in some eastern cities as the kiev government moves against pockets of resistance. all of this comes after a deadly day of clashes in the city of odessa. at least 42 people were killed there. well over 100 were hurt. nbc's reporter is with us from ukraine. what can you tell us about the standoff between the ukrainian military and the separatists? >> as you know, the ukrainian special forces announced a counter terrorist operation here in the east of ukraine. and two helicopters were reported shot down with two servicemen reported dead yesterday morning. that was in the early hours of the morning. and despite that, there have been no dependent confirmations by journalists who have been in the area but have not seen much of any military action going on. now, the roads surrounding the small towns that have been taken over by separatists have these check points. some of them are operated by the militia. some of them are operated by the military. but there is no clear visible mass strength of the military in the area, despite the russian me
offer and one that this kiev will consider. >> advisor to the human rights with columbia university is here. welcome. >> thank you. >> russian has the protroops al the border and what we saw leads to believe that this leads to a full scale invasion? >> more to the story than that. putin supported the forces that created a violent environment there and now to step in, that is is disenjen wows on the part of the leader. now he's sending airplanes there and that is a threat to eastern ukraine. russia is not a calming force in ukraine. >> how different is this from the other a countrys that we have seen this happening like georgia? >> it is different than georgia in a key way, that is often overlooked. in 2008, the regions had not be under a meaningful sovereignty for over a decade. that is not true in eastern decade. >> this is meaningful? >> this is more meanful and more aggressive efforts. this forces went into russia in 2008. this is a more and lasted much longer in ukraine, this is a more serious and dangerous situation. >> coming back to this, how did kiev lose control of the stro
outside of russia itself, he's trying to say to the government in kiev, you have to take our interests into account. and these efforts that he's undertaken in eastern ukraine and now in odessa in the southwestern part of the country in the pro-russian areas, i think are all claimed at that point. perhaps to the point of delegitimizing the may elections that secretary kerry was referring to. >> and you know what concerns so many people here, from east to west, south to north in ukraine, we are seeing an escalation in violence, and an intensity of detention going on there. where do you see this ending? >> i think what putin would like to see is the ukrainian nationalist element in the country cut a deal with the pro-russian elements that is acceptable to moscow. that would involve a substantial devolution of power away from the central government in kiev toward the provinces, which would give russian much more sway over the pro-russian areas. but if he can't get that, i think his plan b. is a further partition. so the insertion of what are clearly russian special forces, russian politica
>> observes are freed in the eastern ukraine as kiev is continuing the offensive against russia offenses. you shall watching al jazeera live from the headquarters. more than 2,000 are feared dead after a landslide in african. >> no release for the al jazeera a journalists being held in e gyp. a former child soldier goes home. >> we begin in ukraine where a second day of military action is underway as a government in kiev is trying to take about the strong holds in the east. pro russian groups are asking to protect the civilians. they have freed 7 military observes taken hostage over a week ago. >> on a roadside they embraced freedom with a sense of relief, a handover bringing the end, 8 day captivity of the observers. >> you can't imagine, it is happiness. deep relief. the situation was really tough. the last two nights as we saw the situation developing, every minute gets longer and finally with the cooperation of all of the key players went perfectly. thank you very uch many -- much. >> the men looked tired and the nerves were obvious to see. they had been obtained. the releas
target. hard to predict and define. think, in five months it's moved from a tilt towards moscow in kiev to counterdemonstrations that pulled down the government of viktor yanukovych to a creeping russia, to the eruption of protests across eastern ukraine, to what we have today, a situation inching closer to all-out fighting to russian alined irregular forces and ukranian military forces. as uptions and storming the buildings spread, the kiev government threatened retaliation and publicly acknowledged it lost before the fighting began. when the ukrainian government fought back, russia, a foreign country, warned ukraine about trying to reoccupy its open government buildings on its own soil. the tempo of fighting is increasing and people continue to die. >> reporter: pro-russian forces brought down two military helicopters in slovyansk - one using a sophisticated surface-to-air missile. this man is said to be a survivor. two other helicopter crew members were killed, along with a pro-russian militiaman. it was the first sign of the kiev government's counteroffensive to reclaim the eastern
sides. here.would be costs i think this will play out for quite some time. it was fascinating in kiev last week -- we had some free time that was pretty rare. we got to walk around the square were the protests were. there are still thousands of people camped out there. it reminded me of occupy wall street. people are waiting for the may 25 elections to see what happens. they're in a holding pattern over there. i don't get the sense that they came away from that trip optimistic. i think there are major concerns about the governance. will beher or not they able to accept the help that the er.. is willing to off millionnounced a $50 aid package of technical assistance. all they announced was $11 million to go to the upcoming elections, to make sure they are monitored. that.s. is helping with there's also the question of how much ukraine can do. it is really a fluid situation, very fascinating. >> did you want to say anything about foreign policy? >> i agree. i do not think it will be much of a driver. i think it is ironic that most of the issues on the agenda now are about foreign policy
should not be, it is not the only problem that the kiev government is facing. we have this region it is largely russian speaking, it is part of mulldova and close to the western city and the allegation that is made in the wake of that violence that we saw, that tragedy in odessa yesterday was sparked by mixture of pro russian sifrp time. >> on a roadside they embrace and bringing an end to the 8th day of captivity. >> you can't imagine having this, deep relief. it was really tough. the last two nights as we saw the situation developing and every minute it gets longer and finally with the cooperation of all of the key players went perfectly and thank you very much. >> the men looked calm and tired and the nerves as the freedom came closer is obvious to see. they had been detained by a separatist group and the released men said they kept the proms to protect them from the harm and other outcomes were unthinkable. >> taking people working for international organizations as hostages is unacceptable. so it was extremely important to get through this mission. >> the mission was made mor
police arrived. four days of the interim government in kiev joint flight we both ordered the company but they just stayed here too wet for weeks he's been known to praise you for looking after the attack the so called from my gun activists first thing i don't think it would be in front of all depending on the web and then spent the last trade unions for dessert you can see the fine print at the time and several people for things like why witnesses say the barricade at the entrance of keeping people but that preventing people from the demands of the flowing water. as for the week. the police on top when that's gone. many of them others were killed while trying to jump out of it. to wit least six people jumping from the building's height and her dad. i carried some people we had lunch. still the same time there were shots from behind the backs of the security forces someone was climbing machine gun. we have the empty shells to prove it. several hours off the bat around fifty people remained trapped on the roof double date with him until police arrived to the things i say that what's ha
. pro-russian supporters in a government building inside and torched by a pro-kiev supporters. that is not gone down well. the kremlin condemned the action. the condolences are with the victims and families of the victims. also saying that moscow received thousands of requests from eastern ukraine for assistance. that is significant. all along, moscow reserved the right to intercede if they see the need to do so. no military action yet, but this is something that is a possibility in the days ahead. >> matthew chance, keep us posted. thank you for the latest. >>> and vladimir putin demanded the troops be withdrawn. listen to what the ambassador to ukraine had to say about that. >> it is ukraine's place to defend its territory in the face of the instability and the separatist activity unfolding in several of the cities. we see it as legitimate that ukraine is using the defense forces and acting within the framework of the international law and framework of the constitution to get a handle on the security situation. we don't see that as russia should exercise any veto over. >> co
separatist in the east the interior minister in kiev confirmed action hundred commenced. don't read that and a credit or a ukrainian forces say they've taken a television tower in the city which is at seventeen km from the rebel stronghold of the pianist. the one on friday dozens of people died in a fire engine building taken over by probe russians in odessa in south western ukraine. the date with mr running battles between pro kiev two groups and separatists which culminated in the fire at an administration building eclectic east thirty six people dead. some are just has this report a new front in ukraine crisis. odessa is the latest city to be swept up by clashes that are rocking ukraine. raising fears that young rest is pretty sound. more than thirty people were killed in the deaths on friday in what is being called a criminal lakes prepares to either from smoke inhalation or by jumping from windows the trade union alps located more than five hundred km from the troubled east odessa is not understood patient. on friday was the scene of bloody street fights. the clashes began earl
observers are freedom but kiev's military offensive against pro-russian separatists goes on. >>> rescue user rescue survivors in a massive mud slide. >>> it's world press freedom day but no release for al jazeera journalists held in egypt. >> backing the sports stories from you from the premier league and a world sprinting champion is banned for doping. details later in the program. >>> but first, in ukraine, a second day of military action is underway as the government in kiev tried to take back separatist strongholds in the east. pro-russian groups are calling for peacekeepers to appeal to moscow to send troops. >> seven military opinibservers taken over a week ago >> reporter: on a roadside north of donetsk, they embraced freedom with an over powering sense of relief. a carefully choreographed handover. >> you can't imagine. it's happiness, deep relief. the situation was really tough. the last two nights, as we saw the situation developing, every minute gets longer and finally, with the cooperation of all of the key players, it went perfectly. i thank you very much. >> reporter: the men l
now and how the mosque and men kiev said the knee on friday that it controls crawford's the pianist. by evening there was no sign of ukraine's armed forces in the city center to play east in recent weeks as so funny in control cysts. updates to bring new ladder following mind of course the plantation way you see the ukrainian on fool says in the medical residents to walk angry with and that was the shifting incidents that have been nice to contact of mine in the ukrainian on fullest and said i'm eighty i took some incoming fire. avatar and finance he said it had a number of civilians were killed they can give meaning to them that the current us on the grounds stated at least one civilian policy is still coming to eight million tall not breach the morning the ukrainian on the head noun which we think from that position because of the incoming fire and that they took last night so kind to me instead of the expected end of bombs into this preceded the piece all the laws may happen but we have seen anything that one medication is in retreat when the leader of the anti government protest
broke out between pro russian and pro kiev protesters, moef died after being trapped in a burning building. now there were reports of more fierce fighting to day in the eastern part of the country. the one piece of good news here is that pro russian insurgents in eastern ukraine released the seven military observers and five ukrainian assistants who had been held captain ive for a week. all this comes as president obama and the german chancellor held a meeting on friday and issued a stern warning to moscow. they would move forward with sector sectoral sanctions which are the sanctions against broad sectors of russia's economy if they interfere with the may 25th elections and if the situation on the ground continues to worsen. so far russian president putin hasn't been swayed by sanctioned at all. they've mostly been targeted at individuals. the u.s. says they will not use military force to intervene. >> thank you. >>> the first case of a deadly virus known as mersa which is common in the middle east is in the u.s. a man in indiana tested positive for the virus. he is a health care
. military vehicles in the center of kiev. last night on the nt coast was on soldiers go through the government quartet why i'm tooling for cement and tender heart of the capital began and how he intends appreciated it. from the story of how a journalist amen she doesn't cause any legit evening. this was a night of that estimate the government which it is today the key seat administration went out to be afraid to vehicles. it is part of ukraine and on its forces to onions. todd pearson soldiers of the state guard to the crane were brought to the center of kiev to practice possible katrina administration buildings. was added in a light color promptly and cinemas in years that we can narrate his object of sitting protection delivered on the nod on hickory and how quickly we can play some darts and waking email to be speaking this was due to appear more work than i have it. it was about to do more damage to gain information about changes in the center of kiev was contradictory. the exact location and time are kept secret even the residents of them i done this on defense were not inf
the government in kiev a hostile. >> we want them to leave. that's it. >> reporter: we don't have weapons, this woman said. we don't have anything. a spokesman for russian president vladimir putin has blamed the uptick in violence on the west and the government in kiev and said it would be absurd for ukraine to have presidential elections. those are currently scheduled to take place later this month. anthony? >> thanks. >>> house republicans are again pressing the obama administration over the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi libya in 2012. speaker john boehner is forming a select committee to investigate disclosures this week that show the add min strigs misled the american people. mark al enter the in our washington bureau with more. >> reporter: good morning. speaker john boehner as recently as last month saw no reason for such a high-profile committee, but changed his mind this week and announced it just hours after a different house committee subpoenaed secretary of state john kerry to testify. the rapid fire kerry subpoena in special select committee ann
and two ukranian soldiers were all killed. kiev's assault expanded 10 miles south to the town of kramatorsk. troops regained control of several areas. lawmakers vowed not to stop before eastern ukraine is under control. we go to donetsk for the latest. >> reporter: information comes out in an irregular way. the interior minister announced on his facebook page, not an official channel, that the ukranian military retook a television tower some 10 miles, 15km or so south of slovyansk. that was a tour which had been tape by pro -- taken by pro-russian separatists. what the separatist did was take off ukranian tv channels, stop them broadcasting. the ukranian army retook the tower. you can see perhaps obviously why that is important. information is vital in this unrest here. it's important to get information to the public, and information from both sides. so a tactical decision to target that tv tower, and what appears to be a successful operation. >> we are here on a road side north of donetsk awaiting the eminent arriving of the o.s.c.e. observers. there's a large contingent of v
that the new government in kiev was a direct participant in the violence in odessa. there was some good news today that pro russian separatists have released the european military observers who were kidnapped eight days ago. we're in eastern ukraine with the latest. >> reporter: the authorities here in ukraine insist that their offensive to try to regain control on the part of the eastern control of the country is not over. despite a day of set backs in which they lost men and at least two helicopters and in which the battle ground to a halt, they say this morning they renewed the attack on the town which is just short of the separatist held strong hold of slavyansk, their target. if they tend to press that battle to conclusion, from what we know of the defenses in slavyansk, it could be very bloody, indeed. all the while the world is reacting in horror to the death toll yesterday in the southern port city of odessa, 500 miles west of here. crowds of pro and anti-ukrainians fought running battles in the street ending up with a major building burning down killing possibly 30 people, maybe mor
kiev's criminal use of force after the death of activists in the black sea city of odessa. 31 were killed, more than 100 arrested. the southern port of the odessa is far from where the fighting is taking place in don esque, where paul brennan has been reporting from. hoda abdel-hamid reports. >> reporter: the trade union building was set on fire after a day of clashes between pro-russian and pro-unity demonstrators, carrying the blue and yellow flag of ukraine. the intensity of the smoke sends some jumping for their lives, out of windows of dozens of others died suffocating. the building had been the headquarters of pro-russian protesters for over a month. ukranian police had been deployed earlier in the day. they were unable to restrain either side. >> the clashes underlined the challenges that faced the interim government. there had been, on the same day, ukranian forces launching offensive in the anti-terror operations in the town of slovyansk in the east. in the south of the country ukranian paratroopers continued their operation in slovyansk throughout the night. it started ea
and are willing to abandon the building they have occupied. the ukrainian government in kiev has follow through on the commitments it made in geneva. when the russians to do the same. angela, i want to thank you again for being here. as always for your friendship and partnership. these are challenging times. russia's actions in ukraine pose a challenge to the situation that brought europe and the u.s. together. just as our predecessors stood united for that vision, so will we. chancellor merkel -- >> thank you very much, barack for this gracious hospitality and this warm welcome you accorded to me and i'm very glad to be able to be back in washington and to have an opportunity to address all of these different issues with you. the priority really is on the current issue of ukraine and it looms large in our agenda and it shows how important the transatlantic partnership is in today's times. i think it's a very good thing that all of the steps we have taken so far, we have taken together and today in our talk, we yet again underlined that we fully intend to go ahead as we did in the past. what ha
're seeing some of the images into us from there. activists who support the government in kiev slashed with pro-russia supporters. a fire at a trade union building, that's what you're looking at now, killed at least 31 people. and we have these new developments into cnn. a team of military observers from the organization for security and cooperation in europe, the osce, they've been held captive in eastern ukraine for more than a week. well, there are reports now that they have been freed. pro-russia separatists accuse them of being nato spies. senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is near slovyansk. he joins us on the phone now and can speak to us. nick, tell us, what's the latest information you have on these new freed osce observers. >> reporter: well, i've just spoken to the self-declared mayor of slovyansk, who confirmed to me that all 12 individuals in that military observer mission, which they call nato spies, prisoners of war as they held them, have now been released. that includes the ukrainians who were with them and the seven foreign nationals, including four g
are watching al jazeera. these are the top stories - kiev launches a new military operation in eastern ukraine. moscow condemns the death of pro-russian demonstrators in odessa. >>> a ceasefire or surrender - syrian rebels may be about to give up the fight for the city of homs. >>> on trial for going their job - three al jazeera journalists head back to court in cairo on world press freedom day. >>> more than 2,000 people have been killed in a landslide in northern afghanistan. large parts of a village were buried after a mountainside collapsed following days of rains and floods. the u.n. is at the scene, helping teams in the remote area. we have this update from the capital. >> reporter: local police are doing what they can for the survivors in afghanistan. they are handing out food and water. on saturday morning rescue teams were struggling to reach the people buried under the mud. roads to the village is open but unstable for heavy machinery. >> translation: we can only help the displaced. those under the landslide and who lost their lives, it's impossible to do anything for them - they are
europe and the united states and the i.m.f.? >> the i.m.f. is doing a lot. we know kiev is losing legitimacy every hour because what the russians are doing in southeast ukraine and can't be stopped. if we want toe balance it out, we better support the ukrainians so some of the legitimacy comes back. a know a lot of the money you give to ukraine will go into a rat hole. but again, compared to the damage we're doing the international order by trying to isolate the russians with no effect -- >> charlie: the president just said if the russians can go into ukraine and have their way. >> if you're asking me am i happy with the russians taking crimea, the answer is no. >> charlie: we're past crimea. am i happy with the russians having occupied 12 cities, police stations, legislators and giving weapons to locals and having clearly russian forces on the ground, i'm not happy with that either. i'm saying given that we are not considering military action and escalation of sanctions won't work we'll have to look at what's feasible. >> charlie: you said to the united states, sanctions are not
,000 people are killed. >>> hello, you are watching al jazeera. these are the top stories - kiev launches a new military operation in eastern ukraine. moscow condemns the death of pro-russian demonstrators in odessa. >>> a ceasefire or surrender - syrian rebels may be about to give up the fight for the city of homs. >>> on trial for going their job - three al jazeera
that the forthcoming visit in moscow and kiev will contribute to this. >> i think the representative of luxembourg for her statement and i now give the floor to the representative of argentina. >> madam president, i would like to reiterate my delegation of argentina's confidence in your leadership during this month of your presidency and i express our gratitude to the presidency of nigeria for last month's efforts. i like to thank the secretary general for his briefing on the situation in the ukraine and recent events. to say we are meeting a second time in a week to discuss the alarming situation in the ukraine is a demonstration of the fact that this council has a responsibility to express itself. to reiterate our views about what is happening with regard to the bitter confrontation due to the escalation of tensions. the news coming appears that daily confrontation and reality has a serious risk of a spiral of violence with serious consequences for ukraine, and the international community. argentina condemns violent acts reported in the eastern ukraine and which has left the loss of human life i
the government in kiev is using force against protesters in eastern ukraine calling anti operations and so on. foreign minister sergei lavrov said. this is a practice of double standards by western countries in kiev what you think about this again we are in the weeds there were in a tactical details which are important for day to day operations perhaps but they don't really matter in the greater scheme of things. everyone has some built on the side of the united states the eu ukraine itself. um moscow there's this there is tactical days in the current deal on all sides. and i just admitted that the united states there is a large burden for its expansion into we need to forget that we need to push that aside and think about the present in the future. and the only way to deal with the situation in order to do that is to change some form of neutrality for ukraine. let the conclave come down it can be found in him work out some deal if you will. snow's ukraine to be neutral and to be independent and do its own thing economically financially and so forth with as i said the good offices in the help
regrettably say that those actions by the kiev authorities cancel out all geneva agreements. we appeal to the european capitals, to the united states of america, to give appropriate assessment of what is happening, >> brown: russia also called an emergency session of the united nations security council, where ukraine's representative sharply disputed moscow's claims. >> we reject all attempts of russia to blame the government of ukraine for allegedly failing to implement the agreements. and we state that, despite numerous calls of the international community, the russian federation has taken no efforts to de-escalate the situation and implement geneva agreement. >> brown: meanwhile, in a washington speech, defense secretary chuck hagel pressed nato allies to increase military spending in response to russia's actions. >> we must not squander this opportunity or shrink from this challenge. we will be judged harshly by history and by future generations if we do. >> brown: hagel said the events in ukraine have "shattered the myth that the end of the cold war brought permanent security to e
. we will be going online. the reason for not to tell as kiev moves to restore its control in the contested areas. there are questions about by elections later this month and of international diplomacy can pull this country back from them in a village near donetsk residents blocked the path of ukrainian army tanks. he demanded the soldiers turned back can go home. he has launched a major operation to re gain control that separate is held areas. but so far the effort as bogged down in resistance and disarray since libby and the separatist militia prepared for an assault by the army. it's unclear how much of the city government troops have captured separatists say so far the army has only managed to take a few streets on the city's outskirts. a self proclaimed mayor of the pianist told residents that the city was under attack. he called on women children and the elderly to stay at home. and for man to take up arms to protect the city. so she did very well in case they break through our results on the outskirts of this disease was trying to build a line of barricades on severa
in eastern ukraine support russia and view the government in kiev as hostile. today, both the government and the separatists say two ukrainian helicopters were shot down in the fighting. this amateur video shows a plume of smoke where the helicopter apparently crashed, though no wreckage has been found so far. the ukrainian government also claimed a surface-to-air missile brought down one of them. that hasn't been verified, but u.s. intelligence sources are treating the report as credible. one of the pilots, visibly injured, was later paraded around in a video released by pro-russian militants. ukrainian forces appear to stop at the edge of the city. vyacheslav ponomaryov, the self- proclaimed mayor of slavyansk, claimed there had been many casualties. "we were attacked, "he said. "our city is under siege." the offensive came as violence ratcheted up again. yesterday, militants took over the prosecutor's office in donetsk. police attempted to fight back with tear gas and stun grenades, but were overwhelmed by the crowd and fled. >> pelley: clarissa ward is joining us from donetsk. claris
sitting the test at the time being ready to be peaceful farming for the race came in kiev at the ga than a complete its maniacal tv stations that my site the trade unions building west of port is a great serotonin have been forced myself to trying to seek shelter that has a strong will to see stability fifty eight people have been killed according to police some of the victims died on the jumping and the wind as it is quick to cite part is when she'll be it old school was even good people. i've been feeling in the streets calling for help or side of the same time mosman and i hate the theme connecting people in the streets with machine guns. it is amazing horowitz has joined by members of borrowing expressed disgust and fear the eighth with a blanket not to go to sydney lecturer in to manage the nation's most days thinking of this state mom thank you very much become each dish tv nbc evening. we get a quick rundown of events that what's your interpretation of what happened. while counts it's a very grim situation on the ground and we do have competing narratives coming out from both side
in new clashes in kiev. the president met with german chancellor at the white house. a meeting could determine further sanctions. today the president and german chancellor presented a united front. >> if in fact we see disruptions and the did he stable sayings continuing so severely that it impedes elections on may 25, we will not have a choice but to move forward with additional more severe sanctions. >> the sanctions will be unavoidable. >> the violent instability at the top of the agenda for white house meetings germany has much as stake here. it gets one third of the oil and gas from russia. the president says harsher sanctions could be the next step. >> the goal is not to punish russia, but to give them an incentive to choose the better course. >> eastern ukraine has been teetering on the brink for weeks cities and towns falling like dominoes today more than 30 people died in a fire. the blaze sparked by violence. police there said four people were killed in clashes. the president and chancellor said the president is looking for a diplomatic solution to this crisis but russia ne
from kiev and the government giving them orders. you don't seem to control very much air. nothing? protesters.the the atmosphere on the bridge remains tense. there is not vs appetite for more confrontational the part of the troops, and a great deal of anger among pro-russian demonstrators. neither side knows where the military escalation is leading. for cocaine, bbc news. >> today, the topic of ukraine was front and center at the white house. president obama met with german chancellor angela merkel. the russian leadership must know if it continues to destabilize in the eastern ukraine, disrupting this month's president elections, we will move quickly on additional steps including further sanctions. for reaction from moscow, i spoke with daniel sanford a short time ago about what impact the existing sanctions were having so far. >> i think at the moment, they are causing a great deal of nervousness in the financial markets. they are causing a continual slide in the value of the ruble, which means imports into russia which are important to people's standard of living will start goin
, which blames the violence on kiev and its western enablers. >>> up next, the new jobs numbers and what they tell us. fox 45 in baltimore with clean up following the collapse of a sidewalk and retaining wall wednesday after it came down after heavy rains over the past 24 hours. take a look at that. >>> fox 31 in louisville with preparations for saturday's 140th kentucky derby. about the timers on the runs for the roses will be getting a little less back if they win this year. this is a live look at new york from fox 5, the big story there ton, a subway derailment in queens that sent four people to the hospital with very serious injuries. six subway cars of a manhattan brooklyn bound express train went off the tracks this morning but remained upright. that's outside the beltway. we'll be right back. all on one plate. three delicious choices. all for $15.99 for a limited time only! come sea food differently today! it's called truecar. and truecar users... save time and money. so when you're... ready to buy a car, make sure you... never overpay. visit today. on car insurance. e
.s. official visits kiev, that the violence on the ground increases. you also have western officials taking a more darkly humorous look at the events tweeting ukrainian helicopters shot down in slovyansk, some elderly ladies must have bought rpgs at the grocery store, i assume. this is dark humor. they have a way to push back against the russian propaganda and it's really enflaming the ground and it's to support the paramilitaries and we're seeing the effects right now. >> the violence and brutality could get worse. stand by for a moment. i want to bring in nick paton walsh. he's on the ground in eastern ukraine. he's right near slovyansk. what's the latest, nick? what are you hearing and what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, we are here on the ground just outside of slovyansk. two paratroopers have been confirmed kill by the ministry of defense near a bridge where we were standing just earlier on today where a large number of ukrainian armed personnel rolled into the out skirts of slovyansk to meet a hostile reception from local residents and really in the last 24 hours have seen the sit
've seen frog grprogress on tt in kiev but we've seen where weapons have been used by the groups taking over these buildings. we're very concerned about the continued presence of hostages, including diplomatic military observers who were there as part of the vienna document. they have been illegally held for a week now, held by militants in a basement in slovyansk. 40 people have now been kidnapped in slovyansk. you have a major law enforcement problem there. the international community is trying to help through the work of the osce and that's something that the united states is going to continue to support with all of our energies. >> how would you describe the u.s./russia relationship right now? have you, for example, been in touch with any russian officials? >> well, my russian counterpart, the russians have an affair here in ukraine because they withdrew their ambassador back in the winter. but the affair has been a regular participant in what had been almost daily meetings that we've held with the foreign minister and with the osce to try to manage this process. the russian sharjay
in the country, the secretary-general has asked me to go back to key of next week. -- kiev next week. immediate return to dialogue. thank you. >> i want to thank him for his briefing. i give the floor to the members of the security council. i give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. >> thank you, mr. president. the russian elevate -- ,elegation convened today having to do with the resumed punitive knowledge terry operations with the use of terrorists from the pro-fascist right sector as well as other national organizations against their own people in the southeast of the ukraine by the government in kiev. the ukrainian forces using tanks and other heavy artillery with military helicopters striking and entrenching fighters. the first blood has been let and there is information about the wounded and killed. if the criminal misadventures are not stopped, the catastrophic context for the ukraine cannot be avoided. against theirres to carry out its obligations under the geneva separation for a swift halt of all violence and the launching of broad national dialogue and politica
helicopters were shot down, using surface to air missiles, something the government in kiev points to as evidence of russia's involvement on the ground. this man is said to be a survivor from a helicopter, a ukrainian soldier badly injured in the custody of separatist supporters inside slovyansk. ukranian forces took prisoners of their own - four then arrested at a checkpoint, said to be among those responsible for the helicopter attacks. in the city center the mood was tense. video posted shows the self-proclaimed mayor of slovyansk offering is message of support. >> translation: our town has been attacked, stormed. there are losses. i'm asking children, women and pensioners not to leave their homes and men with weapons to do what they can. i think we'll be able to defend our town. >> as armed men kept watch, defenses were reinforced. at times with the help of civilians, ahead of an assault. >> translation: in case they break though the roadblocks we are trying to build a different line of barricades on several streets around the centre and rebuff the attackers. >> this is video r
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